Once you have a business setup in the UAE, it is recommended to have health insurance for all your company employees. Other than health, you can also have access to business insurance, liability insurance and motor fleet insurance for your company.

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AXA Insurance

AXA is one of the largest global leaders in the field of Insurance and Asset Management with a purpose of empowering people to live better lives.
AXA has been present In the Gulf region for more than 68 years, offering a wide range of insurance products and services for corporates, SME and individual customers.

Frequently asked Questions

Insurance is a process whereby a party called “the Insurer” undertakes to another party called “the Insured”, against a premium payable by the latter, that “the Insurer” shall compensate “the Insured” for the loss that “the Insured” may incur in the case of a risk is realized.

Insurance is very important for you, your family and also properties. It has many benefits which includes but not limited to:

- Provides peace of mind.
- Provides economic protection for members of the community.
- Protects the national economy.
- Creates financially solvent party capable of tolerating the risk and pay compensation.

* Insurance of human lives and fund accumulation operations which includes Life and health Insurance, fund accumulation operations Insurance etc.
* Property Insurance.
* Liability Insurance.

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