Corporate Discounts

Employee discount programs help the companies to motivate their employees with high-quality offers from well-known manufacturers and brands. Also, it helps your business save time and money, so you can focus your energy on growing your business instead of finding and negotiating with suppliers.

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The Ambassador

The B2B Privilege and Employee Benefits Platform for businesses in the UAE. Join thousands of companies that are using The Ambassador’s platform to grow their business.

Frequently asked Questions

In short, you save money. All of our business partners are giving The Ambassador's members access to the very best corporate rates available. Most companies have different prices depending on how much business you do with them. The Ambassador has agreed with all of our suppliers to give you the same prices as their biggest accounts.

We have very strict screening criteria and take great care in curating the world’s top B2B brands to offer your business an unsurpassed supplier network and business edge. We work only with the best out there and want you to know our partners are companies you can depend on.

Benefits help motivate and retain staff. Staff that feels appreciated and rewarded are 7x more productive. When a staff member leaves it can cost you 6 to 9 months of their salary to find a replacement due to lost productivity, onboarding, training and visas.

Employee Benefits & Perks are non-salary compensation that you offer your team beyond the required minimums of the law. Employee Benefits can be things like additional vacation days, subsidized school fees or discounts on certain brands.

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