Whether you are a startup, a small business, or an individual simply requiring your own trade license, we’ll make the company formation process affordable and simple.

Limited Time Offer!

Start your business with a trade licence for just AED 9,995. Or present us with any equivalent offer on business setup and we will beat it!

Extensive experience

Since 2009, more than 15,000 entrepreneurs have trusted us to help set up their companies. The Virtuzone team possess a wealth of entrepreneurial experience. Over the past ten years, they have helped establish over 15,000 new businesses in the UAE.


Personalized Service

The Virtuzone mainland team is dedicated to providing a highly personalised and specialised service to corporate clients and individuals who are setting up companies, branches and subsidiaries in the UAE. Working with us ensures you have a comprehensive understanding of your options before choosing where and how to establish your company’s presence in the country. Our mission is to provide for our clients the highest quality professional services to support a straightforward and affordable process of incorporation.


They speak your language

Since the UAE is a multinational market, Virtuzone has dedicated itself to facilitate its service to all the customers. Virtuzone’s international team speaks over 30 languages including Arabic, English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Hindi, Tagalog and Urdu and many more.

Frequently asked Questions

Virtuzone was founded in 2009 as the first private Company Formation Specialist in the UAE. Our international team speaks over 30 languages including English, Arabic, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Rusiian, Hindi, Tagalog and Urdu.

Virtuzone assists with mainland company incorporation and offshore company formation. To date, Virtuzone has helped in the formation of over 15,000 companies in the UAE.

Your local partner can only take control of your company, if you are not structured correctly. At Virtuzone we offer comprehensive advice on company structuring and can implement a few mechanisms to ensure you always remain in control of your business. If your local partner is a natural person, then an heir will inherit the 51% share in your business. At Virtuzone we offer a corporate nominee shareholder solution that can protect you in the event of the passing of a local partner.

With a 51% local partner, you can still fully control your business. If licensed via Virtuzone you will be given a full power of attorney. You will be in control of Finance, Labour and Immigration and Commercial Contracts. Your mainland company can also own both residential and commercial property in the UAE.

In some cases, foreigners can own 100% of the mainland company. If interested, please contact Virtuzone and we will see if we can do this for you.

Virtuzone offers a market leading 30-day notice period without penalty if you wish to transfer the shares to a new partner. However, if you have a natural person as your local partner it is your responsibility to negotiate exit terms at time of exit.

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