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Boost your investments up to 8% with the 3-Year Booster from National Bonds for 3 years, with a minimum investment of AED 10K.
 T&C apply

Employee Savings Programme

According to research, an exceptional salary or corporate perks are not the key for a better working environment. In fact, employees’ productivity depends on what the company does to ensure their future financial stability.
An excellent initiative for employees is to save monthly & automatically, upon salary transfer, in the form of savings bonds


Dirham Savings programme

With our Shari’a compliant Dirham Savings programme, you can enjoy competitive profits that offer liquidity, while being aligned with your corporation’s financial objectives.
In addition to being extremely affordable, the saving certificates can easily be purchased in units of AED 10, with a minimum investment of AED 100.



With TermSukuk, you can opt for a short, medium or long-term investment plan that will in turn give you the highest expected profit.
In addition to the completely flexibility, your investments will also be entered to the largest Rewards Programme in the region.

Frequently asked Questions

It's really very simple. Visit us at Hello business Hub or any of our nearly 556 outlets, leading exchange houses and banks to become part of the National Bonds family. You can purchase bonds online at or via our number 600 522 279 by calling our direct sales team or visiting National Bonds office.

You can purchase as many saving certificates as you wish. There is no maximum limit on how much you can purchase. However, the minimum required purchase of National Bonds is AED 100 (10 units of AED 10).

For cash and credit card purchases made at National Bonds exchange houses, banks and Emirates Post offices (cash only), the saving certificates are issued immediately. For cheque purchases, the issuance of saving certificates will be after cheque clearance which takes 5 to 7 working days.

For redemption of AED 10,000 and above, customers will have to call 600 522279 for a seamless service. The funds are remitted through cheque (for UAE residents only). For redemption of AED 10,000 and less, you can apply for instant cash redemption via SMS or online and collect the funds by visiting select branches of Al Ansari Exchange or UAE Exchange. Learn more about Instant Redemption. Non UAE residents can submit the redemption form via calling Tel: + 971 4 3848000 and receive the funds via bank transfer.

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