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Select “Pickup Service” offered by Amer and have all your paperwork delivered to your preferred address.


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Amer truly is a one-stop destination for business, providing a comprehensive set of government services ranging from processing visas, Emirates ID, Establishment Card, Medical Fitness Application, Health Insurances and so much more!

It prides in offering the highest standards of quality and speed for any and all transactions of all Government departments in Dubai while also assisting with dispatch services of companies and individuals transactions all around Dubai.

Experienced Advisors

Experienced Advisors

Access to proficient experts for all government-related transactions and documentation

Fastest Services

Fastest Services

Provides the swiftest services which include same-day transaction collection and delivery

One Stop Shop

One-Stop Shop

Offers a comprehensive list of services ranging from new visas, extensions, family visas, Emirates ID & more

Have All Your Paperwork Delivered With a Free Pickup Service!

All you have to do is select the “Pickup Service” offered by Amer & enjoy the convenience of all your documents, Emirates ID, DHA Medical, translations & insurances delivered to your preferred address

Q) What services does Amer JLT fulfil?

A) The complete list of Amer services includes issuing entry permits, issues, and renewals of residency visas, visa cancellations, visa status changes, and any other visa-related services that are provided by the government.


Q) Would Amer be able to assist with all my staffing visa requirements?

A) Yes, absolutely. Amer would be able to fulfil the following:

  • Entry Permit for (Company Employment & Family) – Inside & Outside the Country
  • Residencies (Company Employment & Family)- New/Renewal/Cancellation
  • Family Visit Visa
  • Newborn Baby Visa Processing
  • Sponsorship Transfer Company & Family
  • Change Status Company & Family
  • Housemaid’s Visa Processing
  • Visit Visa Extension For On Arrival & GCC Residents
  • New/Renewal of Establishment Card
  • PRO Card

Q) Which categories of applications for Emirates ID would Amer be able to apply for?

  • A)
  • Emirates ID for Local
  • Emirates ID for GCC
  • Emirates ID New, Renewal for 1 Year
  • Emirates ID New, Renewal for 2 Years
  • Emirates ID New, Renewal for 3 Years
  • Emirates ID Replacement

Q) How do I apply for a family visa?

A) You can apply for a visa for your family under your sponsorship if you have a residence visa in Dubai, a profession and a salary that allows you to host your family.

  • Original Emirates ID, Passport Copy & Visa Copy of Sponsor
  • Salary Certificate or Labor Contract of Sponsor
  • House Rental Contract

From your Family:

  • Passport copy + photo with white background
  • Attested Marriage/Birth Certificate – whichever applicable

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